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Treazures pays attention to detail and the staff make you at peace when handling your event

About Treazures-Company Profile

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About Us

We are a consultancy company specialising in collective investment schemes, communication skills, organisational development and executive event management services. We add value to our clients through integrated and customised language lessons, writing skills training, document drafting, executive event management, and connecting communication specialists to audiences.

Corporate History

Treazures was founded to create an easy link between Clients and the Hospitality Industry in 2006. Our strength stems from years of experience within this Industry. The Company has grown since its conceptualization and now offers value added services on a very large scale. In 2014, the company acquired, then a national leader in public speakers training and networking. Treazures is today stronger, bolder, and more efficient.

Our Mission

To improve our clients performance through effective communication skills development and event management.

Our Values (3 Cs)

Treazures values client growth, and to this end, our work is guided by:

  • Collaboration,
  • Customization, And
  • Compliance.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)- Inua Kijana Fellowship

The youth are lions, eagles and sharks. But most are not earning money, yet they live in communities with problems. Treazures is a proactive, progressive, and supportive corporate citizen, sponsoring the innovative Inua Kijana Fellowship, an online and face to face mentoring program to help the community through free mentorship for youth to help them become problem solvers, and fight unemployment: because all successful and significant people are problem solvers.




Treazures’ Products


Communications Consultancy

Public Speaking


At Treazures, we train and also market public speakers.

If you have a meeting, training, conference, seminar or even wedding, we can provide key speaker to manage the meeting (master of ceremony); to make the audience laugh and relax (comedian); or to train and add technical expertise (key note speakers). We have a growing database of over 500 talented, experienced, professional public speakers including politicians, sports men, student leaders, entrepreneurs, human rights activists, comedians, MCs, etc.

If you want to become a better speaker, join our public speaking class today. You will learn how to prepare for speaking; how to make the audience laugh; how to make the audience cry; and how to open and close with a bang.

The speaking course takes 3 weeks, 3 lessons per week, of 2 hours each, and covers: preparation, memorizing the speech, opening with a bang, confidence, stories, interactivity, closing, mc tips, speaker branding, etc.

Kiswahili, English & Sign Language Lessons


The language of business, internationally, is English. On the other hand, the most widely spoken language in Africa is Kiswahili, with over 300 millions speakers. Treazures offers specialised, focused, and conversational training in these two languages, while also training on sign language, a most romantic, intellectually engaging, and cross culturally spoken language. Join Treazures foreign language classes today, and experience an increase in your business deals, personal connections, and conversational prowess, as you fit it easily into discussions, and leave every meeting with new friends, new clients, and continuous success. Our language tutors can meet with you over tea, dinner, or on a short trip so that you learn the languages in real life situations. We also have audios, as well as video clips, to enhance your learning experience.

Rapporteuring – Conference and Seminar Reporting


Do you need a brief, accurate and readable record of a conference or seminar that captures the key points – something you can send out quickly to sponsors and stakeholders after the event?  We pride ourselves on delivering services that are professional, efficient and accurate with excellent turnaround times, at very competitive rates. We are also committed to maintaining the highest level of client confidentiality at all times.  The value is getting an out-come based conference, strategic planning or training report to act on and implement immediately. We have extensive experience in providing rapporteuring services for all types of events ranging from one-day event workshops to five day international conferences and meetings. Out turn-around time is unrivalled as we are able to provide both same-day services where we provide you with the first draft at the close of business as well as normal service options, depending on your urgency, and budget. We pride ourselves for being efficient, flexible, and fast.  We also carry our own equipment to your event “laptops, printer etc “ensuring a quick and professional service. This allows your staff to focus on what they do best and gives you peace of mind! If you want a summary that gets to the nub of the issues – not a transcript – then we have the experience and skills to deliver one, accurately, to order and on time. Under this service, we specialise in the following:

  • Rapporteuring
  • Transcribing
  • Report compilation
  • Minute taking
  • Report/booklet designing and printing


Interpretation & Translation


Interpreting consists of verbally translating a message from one language into another, to another person or group of people, in real time, in a variety of settings, and in multiple languages.  We interpret for clients on a regular basis on: Medical Interpreting; Court Interpreting; Business conferences; and Workshops and Seminars. All of our interpreters go through a rigorous screening process and certification by Treazures as competent and fluent. Some of our interpreters in Kampala, Uganda are also Court Certified and hold Medical Interpreter Certifications from various organizations.

Writing Skills & Consultancy

As the world becomes increasingly digital; writing becomes more important. Whether I work from home, or in an office, the majority of my communications are written. My ability to exchange ideas, collaborate with others, and ultimately succeed, hinges on the ability to write effectively. Good writing is a sign of good thinking. Writing that is persuasive, logical, and orderly is impressive. Writing that is careless is a signal of lack of organizational skills. This training focuses on how to become a better writer.  The training takes 3 weeks, 3 lessons per week, of 2 hours each, and includes how to write: Articles, CVs & Profiles, Letters, Business Proposals, Business Profiles, Project Proposals, Book Writing, Business Plans, Strategic Plans, Feasibility Studies, Monitoring & Evaluation Plans, and Reports.

We offer professional help in writing in various forms, including: Articles, CVs & Profiles, Letters, Business Proposals, Business Profiles, Project Proposals, Book Writing, Business Plans, Strategic Plans, Feasibility Studies, Monitoring & Evaluation Plans, and Reports.

  • Opinion Articles (Newspapers)
  • CVs & Personal Profiles
  • Application Letters, Cover Letters
  • Business Proposals
  • Business Profiles
  • Project Proposals
  • Book Writing
  • Business Plans
  • Strategic Plans (Consultancy)
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Monitoring & Evaluation Plans
  • Baseline Survey Plan/Endline Survey Plan
  • Conference Report (Rapporteuring)
  • Concept Note
  • Inception Report
  • Annual Report

Inspirational Library (Motivational & Inspirational Audios and Videos)


Treazures has audio CDs and DVDs for various motivational topics including, marriage, business, investments, leadership, and financial literacy.  You can now be inspired at the comfort of your home, office, or car.


Collective Investment Schemes

Establishing National Association of Investment Clubs


A national association of investment clubs & cooperatives works closely with investment clubs, government agencies, private banks and financial institutions to provide efficient, value added services in the promotion of formal organization, best practice and profitable investments for investment groups. It empowers investment clubs so they can maximize their investment potential.  Through conducting mapping studies, cross country visits, and engagement of stakeholders, the national association of investment clubs & cooperatives offers the clubs up to date and reliable information on products for investment clubs in the market, while also lobbying other service providers to provide investment clubs friendly services like specific bank accounts, unique legal regime, and or training and secretarial services modeled for investment clubs. Further, the association can also negotiate premium rates for its members in the areas of legal registration, strategic planning, trainings, and brokerage fees. Treazures joint directors have been involved in the institutionalization of Uganda National Association Of Investment Clubs, the investment clubs association of Uganda, and continue to offer training and support to investment clubs across the country.

Cooperatives & Saccos Consultancy


Populations the world over are beginning to realise the need to participate in investments. Groups are moving from traditional aspects of savings to borrow, towards the need to save and grow their money through investing. Cooperatives are the vehicles being utilised for this purpose.  A Staff Multi Purpose Cooperative is a body that collects money from members, and invests in various vehicles, including, but not limited to money loans products and special businesses. Such a body exists across the economy, covering government ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs), non-governmental organisations, schools, and the private sector.  The methodology involves Select A Sponsor; Identifying Champions; Training of Champions; Additional Training Areas; Departmental Meetings; Setting Strategic Goals; General Staff Meeting; Initial Recruitment; Registration; Launch; and the First Annual General Meeting (AGM). The project takes 3 months.

Investment Clubs Training & Support

Treazures has gained professional expertise, experience, and strategies on consulting for investment clubs on their legal associations, organizational development, team dynamics, and investment advisory. On strategic planning, Treazures focuses on setting of mission, vision, and values; strategic goals; financial projections; feasibility studies; performance measurement; and leadership. On investment advisory services, Treazures helps investment clubs to determine investment goals and objectives, diversify portfolio, identify investment vehicles and draw an investment policy guide. Finally, on team dynamics, Treazures advises on team building, leadership roles and membership responsibilities, and communication and interpersonal skills amongst club members. Further, Treazures also offers support in documentation services.

Organizational Development

Sales Team Coaching


The purpose of business is to sell. Our sales training programs work. We have built our training programs around the concepts of incremental growth and change over time. We then support our sales training with repetition, reinforcement, coaching and accountability. Our sales training courses address all three areas necessary for success—attitude, behavior and technique. Each of our sales training programs place the power and control into the hands of sales professionals. Our training will help you to challenge yourself, take control and acquire the skills you need to succeed in today’s dynamic sales marketplace. Our training will help you to sell yourself and your ideas and in turn develop a larger client base. Training is done for one week, three days in the week, 2 hours per day.

Customer Service Training

The purpose of the customer service and customer retention training is to equip the participant with the greatest skill in the world: the ability to sell. This includes how to acquire a customer, how to sell to the customer, and how to retain the customer for repeat sales, or referrals. The training areas covered include dealing with angry clients; sales projections; listening skills; winning words, phrases and questions; recovery from mistakes; power greeting; body language and appearance; up-selling & value addition; product description; deal with complaints; customer database management; follow up (feedback, visits, phone calls, emails, sms, etc); offers & promotions (discounts, events, gifts, free services, lunch, tea, etc); task management; people skills (inter-personal skills); delegation and decision making; effective time management; and team work. Training is done for one week, three days in the week, 2 hours per day.

Executive Event Management


Our company has grown into one of the best Events organisers in the Country, our years of experience and dedication have given us an edge and made us into a Company that is worth working with.  The Events management includes; Logistical support for workshops: from start to finish; Issue and follow up invitations to invited delegates; co-ordinate airport pick-ups and drops; issue and re-confirm tickets for foreign delegates; conference room organization according to specified workshop requirements; and any other arrangements specified by the client; arranging for translation services, secretarial support and required workshop equipment; and arranging  for internal transportation for participants. We specialize in planning, organizing and managing conferences, seminars, workshops that meet your specific requirements. From concept to completion, we will bring our knowledge, experience and contacts to your event and offer you practical and effective solutions, depending on your needs, and budget. In other words, clients can hire our event management services to handle their event or a specific part of it.  Our aim is to deliver a measurable return on your investment, thereby saving you time, money and all the hustles and headaches that come with the territory! We offer management of any occasion; such as conferences, corporate events, launches, weddings, parties, dinners etc this includes provision of advice and management, music, outside catering, decoration, service (ushers and waiters) and security.

Team Building Training

We often find ourselves in group situations, professionally and socially. People who can go beyond working in their area of expertise, demonstrate big picture thinking, take leadership roles when necessary and work for the greater good are considered a great asset to any organisation. Development of the team spirit is a key goal of performance improvement for any organisation, and is considered a constructive manner in which to handle office disputes and other personnel issues.  The training involves physical exercises, motivational sessions, group activities, games, role plays and video watching. The skills taught include: Communication, Listening, Delegation Of Tasks, Leadership, Working With Others, Team Spirit, Creating Harmony In Teams, Complement Each Other, Mastermind Principle, Talent And People Skills Contrast, Forward, Or Outside, Connecting Talents To Careers, Connecting Performance To Organizational Vision, Mission And Objectives. The team building training takes 1-2 days.

Executive Coaching

Treazures offers specialised, detailed, and one on one coaching to professionals who are pursuing careers in sales, public speaking, financial literacy training, business consultancy, or strategic planning consultancy. The coach focuses on personal development, using techniques drawn not only from coaching, but also mentoring, counseling, training, advising and consulting. People seek success. This success is 20% technical skills, and 80% people skills. People get employed and promoted to managers, directors, and CEOs, not because they have First Class Degrees or PhDs, but because they relate well with people, lead people, and manage people. They have people skills. Treazures’ executive coaching program focuses on transforming individuals to be the best they can be in their careers. The program focuses on four areas, namely: strategic planning coaches, business coaches, financial literacy coaches, and life coaches. The training focuses on both technical, as well as interpersonal skills.  The areas addressed include financial literacy, positive attitude, creative thinking, oral communication, team playing, self confidence, critical thinking, flexibility, time management, problem solving, leadership, volunteerism, active listening, negotiation, decision making, accepting criticism, networking, crisis control, conflict resolution, asking questions, self control, manners, social awareness, and non verbal communication.

Strategic Planning Consultancy


The strategic planning process is an extremely important executive function. The most enduring companies plan on 3-5 year, one year, and 90-day horizons.  Do you want to help organisations set their goals, plan the activities, and allocate resources so as to achieve the goals? This is strategic planning coaching. The strategic planning coach will help the client to ignite passion, engage team’s talents, and spark innovation to create strategies to achieve results. The coach will help the client to thinks strategically, set goals, identify activities, allocate resources, and create a plan to monitor the execution of the activities.  The consultancy takes a period of one week.

The process involves:

Item Details Responsibility of Client
Workplan Generation of work plan, indicating terms of reference, deliverables, timelines and costs. None
Drafting Questionnaire for Strategic Plan To collect members views for preparing draft strategic plan/guide the training. Fill questionnaires
Conducting DueDil -4P Analysis Analyzing present legal and strategic documents, for situational analysis of the investment club. Send any legal, and other strategic business documents, contracts, etc.
Conducting Feasibility Study Regulations, economics, competition, ecology, technology, and social cultural issues. Respond to queries by consultant
Drafting Investment Club Policies Investment policies, credit policies, education policies, leadership rules and roles, by-laws, etc. Respond to queries
Strategic Planning Training Covering mission, vision, values, short, mid, and long term strategic plan. Attend training, participate
Submission of Draft Strategic Plan Short, medium, and long term strategic plan, with all documents attached. Approve plan, with amendments




Director’s Profiles


Elizabeth Kintu M.

Elizabeth is an author of two best-selling books on staff development and personal branding, “People Buy People-Networking Tips for Career and Professional Success” and Stop Rationalizing: Story of Unhappy Woman.  She is the editor of Successful Cooperatives – Managers’ Guide to Acquire, Retain and Grow Membership, Savings and Assets. She is also Certified Mentor, MBA in Marketing, HR expert with Post graduate Diploma in Human Resources Management, Team Building Coach, Financial Literacy and Management Trainer, and Sales and Customer Service Consultants. Elizabeth is also youth mentor with Inua Kijana Youth Mentorship Program, a Rotarian, and Motivational Public Speaker, Life Coach and investor owner of Elizabeth’s knowledge of financial literacy concepts, sales team coaching, team building, marketing, and recruitment, position her as a valuable asset in leading the higher performance of teams in sales, marketing, team building, and institutionalization and promotion of Cooperatives. She has worked as team building, sales, events management, marketing, and customer service trainer with high end clients such as Uchumi Supermarket Chains (Uganda);  PROCASUR/ IFAD/OXFAM NOVIB/ GTZ; IFAD; TechnoServe; East Africa Court of Justice: Courts of Judicature (Uganda); Ministry of Foreign Affairs, etc. Her experience in experience on consultancy covers policy issues, strategic planning, practical management challenges, and member recruitment, asset growth and protection, and liquidity management.

Ojijo Pascal


Ojijo has worked extensively with collective investment schemes generally (namely, investment clubs and cooperatives), for over five years as a volunteer financial literacy trainer, legal advisor, strategic planning expert, training consultants, and an author of 9 books on financial literacy, with one on Multi Purpose Cooperatives, Successful Cooperatives – Managers’ Guide to Acquire, Retain and Grow Membership, Savings and Assets and one on investment clubs, Making Money Together – Ojijo’s Investments Club Manual. He sits in bank of Uganda Financial Literacy Advisory Group/ Financial Literacy Sharing Group (FLISG), as well as helping in the training and or setting up of various cooperatives, including ministry of foreign affairs cooperative; finance ministry cooperative; gender ministry cooperative, and Nsamizi Institute cooperative (Mpigi), to name but a few. Ojijo is also a lawyer & Guest Lecturer in Financial Services Law,  ICT Law, Legal Rhetoric & Law Firm Management; Public Speaker & Consultant in Collective Investment Schemes (Cooperatives, Saccos  & Investment Clubs), Writing Skills Coach (Plans, Articles, Books, Proposals, Profiles, Surveys & Reports), Strategic Planning, Feasibility Studies, Financial Projections, Personal Branding, Financial Freedom & Monitoring & Evaluation.  He has worked with various clients including ministry of finance (Uganda); Bank of Uganda; Ministry of Gender; TechnoServe; AIESEC; PEDN; Foundation for Human Rights; several universities, cooperatives, and individuals on personal branding, sales, marketing, entrepreneurship, etc. Ojijo is also  is a public speaker and consultants in financial literacy, collective investment schemes (investment clubs and cooperatives), and business financial projections; lawyer and guest lecturer in financial services law, law firm management, and ICT law; author of 49 books; Rotarian, Inua Kijana Fellow; Poet Pianist; and investor owner of,,, and



Treazures Clients


Our clients include, but are not limited to the following:

International Clients


Non Governmental Organisations and Assocaitions

Government Agencies


Private Sector