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Treazures pays attention to detail and the staff make you at peace when handling your event

About Us

About Us
We are a communication skills consultancy and event management company. We add value to our clients through integrated and customised language lessons, writing skills training, document drafting, executive event management, and connecting communication specialists to audiences.

Corporate History
Treazures was founded to create an easy link between Clients and the Hospitality Industry in 2013. Our strength stems from years of experience within this Industry. The Company has grown since its conceptualization and has now risen to include services like Training and Events management on a very large scale. In 2015, the company merged with, then a national leader in speaking and language training, and now, the new outfit is stronger, bolder, and more efficient.

Our Mission
To improve our clients performance through effective communication skills development and event management.

Our Values (3 Cs)
Trezures values client growth, and to this end, our work is guided by:

  • collaboration,
  • customization, and
  • compliance.

Unique Benefits (The Treazures Advantage)

  • Bottom Line Focus: Our trainings and event management work are directly connected to the brand building functions, to create a bottom line impact on corporate performance.
  • Core Team Concept: We structure our delivery according to functions in line with risks identified, and selected personnel will be trained in accordance with staff development and event management functional requirements.
  • Dedicated Project Manager:       Each project is managed as a cost centre, with a central, dedicated officer in charge of the client, and on call, anytime of day or night, to deliver better services.
  • Customization: We offer highly customized services through our detailed feasibility study of premises to ensure that both manned procurement, as well as procurement installations, match the client’s budget, procurement requirements, and versatility.
  • Strategic Partnerships:       Our strategic partnerships with the various procurement organisations, and private sector players, help us to leverage on years of experience and technical expertise.