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Annual Report (Format)

stupid writers back cover

(extracted from Stupid Writers: Ojijo’s Guide to Writing Articles, Reports, Proposals, Profiles, Plans and Essays )

A very important part of growth is continuous regular reporting of the status of the investment club.

This report, presented at either annual general meetings, or special general meetings, is important as it shows where we are, in relation to where we came from, and where we are headed.

An annual report should have the following documents:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Chairman’s Message
  3. Organizational Profile
  4. Directors’ Activities
  5. Activities & Business Review
  6. Corporate Governance
  7. Recommendations
  8. Auditors Report

$      Chairman’s Message

This is the welcoming message of the current, or outgoing chairperson, to introduce the report, and thank the members.

$      Executive Summary

This is a summary of all contents of the report, and summarises the following sections:

  1. Organizational Profile
  2. Directors’ Activities
  3. Activities & Business Review
  4. Recommendations
  5. Auditors Report

$      Organizational Profile

This lists the current state of the organisation, covering the Seven Ps namely:

  1. Philosophy,
  2. People,
  3. Products,
  4. Partners,
  5. Processes,
  6. Profitability, and

$      Directors’ Activities

This section reports on any specific activities that happened in relation to the directors, including change of directors, resignation of directors, or such other such activities that changed the legal responsibilities and duties or one or all directors. This also includes directors’ meetings, decisions, and such resolutions that were implemented, or shelved.

The particular issues addressed here include:

  1. Resignations
  2. Re-election of Directors
  3. Retiring Directors
  4. Directors’ meetings


$      Activities & Business Review

This section of the directors’ report lists the entirety of activities engaged in by the organisation, in this case, this includes:

  1. Training and capacity building events;
  2. Networking and fun events;
  3. Investment activities;
  4. Corporate social responsibility events.

$      Corporate Governance

This part of the report indicates the business systems, procedures, and processes, and the extent to which they meet legal standards of corporate governance, protection of shareholders interests, and regulatory standards.

The details covered include:

  1. Legal Entity, Office, Address & Location
  2. Going Concern
  3. Share Capital
  4. Company Secretaries
  5. Indemnities
  6. Employment Policies
  7. Shareholder Rights (Voting and Communication)      
  8. Government Regulations
  9. Environmental Regulation
  10. Ethical Issues & Value Systems
  11. Legal Proceedings
  12. Auditors
  13. Annual General Meeting (AGM)


$      Recommendations

Finally, the directors’ report should list any recommendations for future running of the organisation, or for the winding up of business, or such other change in strategic positioning of the organisation.

$      Auditors Report

Attached to the director’s report should be the auditor’s report.  The details cover:

  1. Statement Of Directors Responsibilities
  2. Basis of Opinion
  3. Statement Of Comprehensive Income
  4. Statement Of Financial Position
  5. Notes To The Accounts
  6. Any other Comments (Corporate Governance, Policies and Procedures)



The Author, Ojijo, is a public speaker and consultant in financial literacy, collective investment schemes (investment clubs and saccos), and business financial projections; lawyer and guest lecturer in financial services law, law firm management, and ICT law; author of 49 books; Rotarian, Inua Kijana Fellow; Poet Pianist; and owner,,,,,, and

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