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Executive Coaching

Treazures offers specialised, detailed, and one on one coaching to professionals who are pursuing careers in sales, public speaking, financial literacy training, business consultancy, or strategic planning consultancy. The coach focuses on personal development, using techniques drawn not only from coaching, but also mentoring, counseling, training, advising and consulting. People seek success. This success is 20% technical skills, and 80% people skills. People get employed and promoted to managers, directors, and CEOs, not because they have First Class Degrees or PhDs, but because they relate well with people, lead people, and manage people. They have people skills. Treazures’ executive coaching program focuses on transforming individuals to be the best they can be in their careers. The program focuses on four areas, namely: strategic planning coaches, business coaches, financial literacy coaches, and life coaches. The training focuses on both technical, as well as interpersonal skills. The areas addressed include financial literacy, positive attitude, creative thinking, oral communication, team playing, self confidence, critical thinking, flexibility, time management, problem solving, leadership, volunteerism, active listening, negotiation, decision making, accepting criticism, networking, crisis control, conflict resolution, asking questions, self control, manners, social awareness, and non verbal communication.