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Inua Kijana

InuaReducing youth unemployment by mentoring the youth to become problem solvers.

…because every single person who is successful and significant is a problem solver.

 About Inua Kijana™ Fellowship

The greatest challenge facing the society today is youth unemployment, which spills over to create other related problems like economic dependency, security risks, and idling, leading to anti social behaviours like drug abuse, to name but a few. On the other hand, every youth wants to become significant, successful, and renowned.

Inua Kijana™(Kiswahili for Lift a Youth), is a global youth mentoring program, sponsored by, where a successful and achieving person, a career expert, or entrepreneur, offers one hour of their precious time in a month, to inspire and motivate a youth to become a problem solver, like they are: because every single person who is successful and significant is a problem solver. At Inua Kijana™, we believe youths are lions, eagles and sharks, youth are leaders.

Step 1: Identifying Participants

  • Through use of contacts and networks, we call for, and register mentors.
  • All mentors are experts in their careers, and or running successful businesses.
  • The mentees are youth below 35 years old, committed to becoming better and solving problems.
  • The mentors, coaches and mentees are invited to be recruitment ambassadors for the Inua Kijana™.

Step 2: Briefing & Matching:

  • There is a regular briefing, online, on phone, and or in person, for both mentors, and mentees, to clarify expectations, and share on success factors of the mentorship program.
  • The mentors are connected to mentees randomly, with the only requirement being proximity of physical location for convenience of meetings.
  • Both the mentor and mentee can choose to terminate the relationship at any time, for any reason, and will be introduced to new mentees and mentors.

Step 3: Mentorship

  • Mentorship Duration: The mentoring takes place within a period of one year.
  • Meeting Duration: The mentor meets the mentee every once a month, for one hour, at the workplace or a venue suggested by the mentor and treats the mentee to lunch, dinner or snacks.
  • Reporting: Mentors are expected to give monthly one paragraph email reports of the progress of the mentees to
  • Mentor’s Activities: Mentors motivate and inspire the mentee to become problem solvers, by sharing their success tips, challenges, and strategies they used to become successful entrepreneurs and, or career experts.
  • Mentees’ Activities: Mentees volunteer; write an article about their career; attend a networking event; and sell something at least once every month: all these activities leading to personal development.

Ethical Guidelines

  • Mentors are volunteers, expecting no compensation from either, and or the mentees.
  • Mentees may not ask for financial aid or employment from mentors.
  • Communication and meetings between mentors and mentees to be formal, and within normal working hours.