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National Investment Clubs

Setting up A National Investment Clubs Association Consultancy

Populations the world over are beginning to realise the need to participate in investments. Groups are moving from traditional aspects of savings to borrow, towards the need to save and grow their money through investing. Investment clubs are the vehicles being utilised for this purpose.

Investment clubs are groups of people (colleagues, friends, family or clients), coming together to pool money for the purposes of investing. A national association of investment clubs is an apex body that networks, trains, sets standards for, and lobbies on behalf of investment clubs. Such a body exists in Kenya (Kenya Association of Investment Groups-KAIG-, and in Uganda (Investment Clubs Association of Uganda-ICAU,

Such bodies help investment clubs to avoid costly mistakes, efficiently allocate their capita, and access premium services and negotiated rates. A National Association of Investment Clubs works closely with investment clubs to provide efficient, value added services in the promotion of formal organization, best practice and profitable investments for investment groups. It empowers investment clubs so they can maximize their investment potential.

The methodology involves: Identifying A Sponsor-Government Agency; Organizing A Dinner For Industry Stakeholders ; Identifying Champions; Conducting A National Mapping Study Of Investment Clubs; Organizing A National Breakfast; Institutionalization Of The National Association of Investment Clubs; Additional Training Areas; and Launch Of The National Association of Investment Clubs. The project takes 3 months.


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