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We are really impressed with the way Treasures handles its services
James Trucabin

Our Services

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Communications Consultancy          


Public Speaking

Kiswahili, English & Sign Language Lessons

Rapporteuring – Conference and Seminar Reporting

Interpretation & Translation

Writing Skills & Consultancy

Inspirational Library (Motivational & Inspirational Audios and Videos)

Collective Investment Schemes       


Establishing National Association of Investment Clubs

Cooperatives & Saccos Consultancy

Investment Clubs Training & Support

Organizational Development


Sales Team Coaching

Customer Service Training

Executive Event Management

Team Building Training

Executive Coaching

Strategic Planning Consultancy


Free Service-Inua Kijana Fellowship

The youth are lions, eagles and sharks. But most are not earning money, yet they live in communities with problems. We FREELY coach them to identify problems, and utilise their talents/skills to create profitable solutions: because all successful and significant people are problem solvers.