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Treazures pays attention to detail and the staff make you at peace when handling your event

Public Speaking

At Treazures, we train and also market public speakers.

If you have a meeting, training, conference, seminar or even wedding, we can provide key speaker to manage the meeting (master of ceremony); to make the audience laugh and relax (comedian); or to train and add technical expertise (key note speakers). We have a growing database of over 500 talented, experienced, professional public speakers including politicians, sports men, student leaders, entrepreneurs, human rights activists, comedians, MCs, etc.

If you want to become a better speaker, join our public speaking class today. You will learn how to prepare for speaking; how to make the audience laugh; how to make the audience cry; and how to open and close with a bang.

The speaking course takes 3 weeks, 3 lessons per week, of 2 hours each, and covers: preparation, memorizing the speech, opening with a bang, confidence, stories, interactivity, closing, mc tips, speaker branding, etc.


Join us today to be a better public speaker: