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We are really impressed with the way Treasures handles its services
James Trucabin

Sales Training

The purpose of the customer service and customer retention training is to equip the participant with the greatest skill in the world: the ability to sell. This includes how to acquire a customer, how to sell to the customer, and how to retain the customer for repeat sales, or referrals.

The training areas covered include dealing with angry clients; sales projections; listening skills; winning words, phrases and questions; recovery from mistakes; power greeting; body language and appearance; up-selling & value addition; product description; deal with complaints; customer database management; follow up (feedback, visits, phone calls, emails, sms, etc); offers & promotions (discounts, events, gifts, free services, lunch, tea, etc); task management; people skills (inter-personal skills); delegation and decision making; effective time management; and team work. Training is done for one week, three days in the week, 2 hours per day.

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