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James Trucabin

Team Building

We often find ourselves in group situations, professionally and socially. People who can go beyond working in their area of expertise, demonstrate big picture thinking, take leadership roles when necessary and work for the greater good are considered a great asset to any organisation. Development of the team spirit is a key goal of performance improvement for any organisation, and is considered a constructive manner in which to handle office disputes and other personnel issues. The training involves physical exercises, motivational sessions, group activities, games, role plays and video watching. The skills taught include: Communication, Listening, Delegation Of Tasks, Leadership, Working With Others, Team Spirit, Creating Harmony In Teams, Complement Each Other, Mastermind Principle, Talent And People Skills Contrast, Forward, Or Outside, Connecting Talents To Careers, Connecting Performance To Organizational Vision, Mission And Objectives. The team building training takes 1-2 days.

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Team Building Trainings Done

  • DAMCO Ug: Team building for all company staff. March 16th 2013 100 people.
  • East African Chains, Fire & Safety Limited; Training on Report writing 24th-27th April 2013.
  • Parliament of Uganda. Presentation to middle level officer’s Parliamentary service on Conflict resolution and management. 19th-20th Jan 2013
  • Team building training for AON Insurance Uganda staff 19th -20th October 2012.
  • Interface Consulting; Provision of administrative assistance and capacity building on their project.
  • Federation for Uganda Employers team building training 24th-25th November 2010 at Ankra Foundation.
  • MTN Uganda Team building training 14th-15th December 2010 at Paraa Lodge for Sale and Marketing team.
  • Team building training for AON Insurance Uganda staff from Friday 16th September- Saturday 17th 2011 at Ankra Foundation in Mukono.